Bitcoin Express Smart Matrix presentation

- Member to Member BitcoinCash donations Platform

- Fixed amount in USD (worth of BitcoinCash)

- Single and one-time registration of $ 30

- Real tracking of BitcoinCash transaction confirmations

- Real tracking of conversion rate of BCH / USD

- Smart Upgrade

- Unlimited registration: No re-registration

- Matrix with unlimited recycling.

- Multidimensional matrix : Smart Matrix.

2x2, 2x3, 2x4,   2x5,   2x6,    2x7

2x1, 4x1, 8x1, 16x1, 32x1, 64x1

- A simple workflow with a single team.


Smart Matix

  Financial flow: Simple, clear, transparent and secure.

Bitcoin Express is a platform for direct donations between members; all donations are made in BitcoinCash, the Queen of virtual currencies.

Bitcoin Express is a mutual and social fund of donations between  members of a community that shares the same point of view to help each other mutually through direct donations of bitcoinCash, and autofinance personal projects and achieve independence and financial freedom.

Bitcoin Express is a platform of direct donations between likeminded people, therefore without financial risk and without scam.

All donations made do not pass through the Bitcoin Express platform: No risk of closing doors and flying away with the money of its members.

Bitcoin Express only controls confirmations of transactions between members.

Bitcoin Express is the trusted third party between its members and confirm that donation transactions have actually been completed between members through the real-time consultation of the BitcoinCash Blockchain Network (General ledger of the BitcoinCash transaction accounting records):  thus without possibility of falsification or usurpation of the proof of payment of the donations transactions.

So all donations transactions are clear, transparent, secure and direct between members.

 The flow of donations:

To achieve freedom and true financial independence:

Bitcoin Express based on a 2x2 forced matrix the fastest and easiest in the world.

This matrix makes it possible to reach the financial objective easily and in a short time.

This matrix of direct donations between members based on the following process:

Collect donations of $ 30 (worth of BitcoinCash) at the first level from 2 people, ie $ 60 then collect at the second level donations of $ 50 (worth of BitcoinCash) from 4 people, ie $ 200, and this for less than a week of work and promoting your own matrix.

At this point, after having collected your donations ($ 60 from level 1 and $ 200 from level 2), you can now recycle donations, in a faster way (every day for example) with the members of the same team of your matrix.

You can recycle with three different strategies, using the power of the Smart Upgrade Technology:

Recycle only your level 1, give $ 30, and receive $ 2x30 = $ 60 each cycle.

Recycle only your level 2, give $ 50, and receive $ 4x50 = $ 200 each cycle.

Or you can recycle the 2 levels, matrix 2x2 (level 1 and level 2) in an unlimited way.

The big advantage is that these three strategies are realized with the same team constituted at the first cycle.

The Smart Upgrade Technology allows you to choose one or more level to recycle, at your own pace, according to your team's schedule.

Smart Upgrade, allows you every time you have reached the maximum of one level (Full Level), to recycle this level (Recycle Now), without re-registration, and with the same team, in a simple and effective way.

 Bonus Bitcoin Express: Additional Levels of the Smart Matrix

Additional levels of the Bitcoin Express matrix are optional for additional donations collection.

Levels 3,4,5,6 and 7 are added as options for additional earnings and are intended exclusively for professionals having medium and large marketing networks, and who can promote their networks through social networks and use marketing tools like blogs, websites, YouTube channels, Facebook groups, promote and sharing links on forums, emailing or others.

Bitcoin Express Bonuses, can reach more than $ 200 000 (worth of  BitcoinCash) see table below.


 The table above shows basic and additional levels, showing how much a member should donate and how much he or she should receive at all levels of the new matrix (Smart Matrix) based on Multi-Matrices.

Smart Matrix Strategy:

With new Bitcoin Express bonuses you can reach almost 270 000$ in less than 7 months.

Bitcoin Express is based on a 2x2 forced matrix the fastest and easiest in the world.

After having collected your donations ($ 60 from level 1 and $ 200 from level 2), you can now recycle donations, in a faster way (every day for example) with the members of the same team of your matrix.

Under the request of many of our active members, wishing to extend the donation levels, using the Smart Upgrade Technology of the Bircoin Express Matrix, from Now Bitcoin Express offers Additional levels 3,4,5,6 and 7 as Bonuses, these levels are optional for additional donations collection, and are intended exclusively for professionals having medium and large marketing networks.

The combination of  matrix based on 2 levels and the 5 additional levels as a bonus, with the Smart Upgrade Technology, forms now, the new Bitcoin Express Smart Matrix.


How To Earn 210 $ worth of BitcoinCash Weekly

Start with 30 $ worth of BitcoinCash

Thanks for your joining Bitcoin Express.

We are going to explain the simple way of working with Bitcoin Express in below.

Bitcoin Express is based on 2x2 friendly Matrix and Bitcoin Express have 2 Upgrades.


Registration Free 48 hours

You have 2 days to do upgrade 1

By referral link of your friend you can register in Bitcoin Express.

You can register without referral link but the system will give you a referral link by spillover.


Upgrade 1, For Level 1 : 2 Members

Pay: 30 $ worth of BitcoinCash - Receive: 60 $ worth of BitcoinCash

After your first upgrade Level 1, you will get your referral link and you can invite 2 people to your level 1 and receive 60 $ worth of BitcoinCash from your level 1.

Note: You can invite more than 2 people with your referral link but they go to your second and third levels by spillover.


Upgrade 2, For Level 2 : 4 Members

Pay: 50 $ worth of BitcoinCash - Receive: 200 $ worth of BitcoinCash

After your second upgrade Level 2, you will receive 200 $ worth of BitcoinCash from your downlines in your second level (4 members)



From All Levels (6 Members)

Pay: 30 $ worth of BitcoinCash - Receive: 210 $ worth of BitcoinCash

All the upgrades are 80 $ and all the donations that you will receive from your 2 levels are 260 $
Note: Each upgrade should be repeated when you receive all donations.



What is this?

Upgrade 1 is your first subscription.

If you don’t do the upgrade 1 your account will be skipped and you don’t receive donation from your team. For unlocking your account, you have to upgrade (pay now boutton).

Note: When your account is locked you will NOT miss your position and your team. just you don’t receive donation form your team.



Each upgrade should be repeated depending on the pace and the speed of your team.

If you don’t do the upgrade 
What is means?

It means that you will not receive donations from your level and when the people in your level do their upgrade the money will go to your upline.



You can start with Bitcoin Express


Register Now


Things you need to know before registration:


  • Registration is free.
  • After your registration you have 2 days to do your first upgrade (If you don’t do the first upgrade, your account will be removed automatically )
  • It is better to study all the documents especially the FAQ.
  • You need to have BitcoinCash wallet.
  • Bitcoin Express is based on 2x2 friendly Matrix.
  • In this system there are 2 Upgrades.
  • You are NOT forced to do all upgrades, it depends on you.
  • For example if you don’t do upgrade 2, you will NOT receive money from level 2.
  • You must pay for the subscription each time you see Pay Now button.
  • You don’t send money to Bitcoin Express and it is a Peer to Peer platform.
  • You can do all upgrades in one day.
  • Each upgrade should be repeated when you receive all donnations for each level.